你的生意可以走得很远. You, however, can stay with your great community bank for great treasury management.

皇冠365’s world-class treasury management gives you the best of both worlds. Offering robust treasury options that help you maximize your liquid assets using the latest technology and expertise. Plus the one-on-one help of our Relationship Managers who get to know you and your business. 你是否想加快应收账款的速度, 更好地控制应付账款, 更有效地管理资金, 或者保护你辛苦赚来的资产, 皇冠365 财政部管理 has the technology and expertise to master your cash flow. Your 财政部管理 Consultant will work with you and your Business Relationship Manager to tailor cost effective solutions for your business. 在这个过程中, you have direct telephone access to the same consultant and specialist that helped get your cash management solutions onboard. 然而,我们的收费一直比大银行低20%到30%. We value our working partnerships like gold and give you the gold standard in cash management resources.

收集 & 沉淀资金

经营生意,你需要现金. 有许多服务可以帮助加快获得现金的速度, 简化和解, 并减少欺诈的风险.

通过电子收集, you can control the timing of your receivables and streamline reconciliation. ACH debit can be used to collect from customers, or concentrate cash from other accounts.

比起经常去银行,你有更重要的事情要做. Our 远程矿床捕获 (RDC) service enables you to scan checks for deposit from your desk eliminating the need for deposit slips and the expense of toner to copy checks. Check deposit reports (including images) can be produced and stored electronically.

我们将从指定的P处收取您邮寄的应收款.O. Box, deposit your checks, and provide online images of all checks and invoices. This provides additional controls while freeing up considerable administrative time.

信用卡和借记卡处理-接受信用卡和借记卡在现场, 通过电话或网络.

当资金的可用性至关重要时, 您可以在您的帐户中接收国内或国际汇款.  Incoming wire notifications can be established on 皇冠365’s Commercial 皇冠365app system or by email.

分配资金 & 支付

Control how and when cash moves out of your company’s business banking accounts, 管理你的账户和付款时间.

通过电子支付降低交易成本和欺诈风险. By paying electronically you also reduce the expense of postage, stationary, and toner. ACH消除了停止付款的麻烦, 重新发出, 还有调查遗失支票的行政时间.

对账也更容易,因为你可以控制资金的支出. 没有您的帐号暴露, 直接存款, 供应商付款, 而且,以电子方式征税的欺诈风险较小.

有能力赚取现金回扣, 增加控制, and extend payables are just a few reasons why the 商业名片 is a great tool in managing your cash flow.

Originate one-time or recurring domestic or international wire transfers via 皇冠365’s Commercial 皇冠365app. 通过指定审批链,保持更好的内部控制.



皇冠365’s zero balance accounts let you automatically monitor and manage your accounts daily without manual intervention.

皇冠365’s automated sweep services give you use of your end-of-day balances to earn interest or pay down a line of credit.


识别、评估风险并确定优先级. We value our role as your financial partner as you review all of today’s treasury risk decisions that you face.

ACH Block / Filter服务
Protect deposit accounts against unauthorized ACH debit and/or credit transactions.

Eliminates the guesswork in gauging daily presentments while simplifying balance management, 投资和借款决策. Our 控制付款帐户 provides same-day early notification of checks clearing on the current day.

Easy, fast access to paid check images via CD-ROM at month-end or between statement cycles.

帮助打击与电子支付有关的欺诈行为. Your business sets up a list of approved vendors that are paid automatically, along with expiration dates and filters that cap the amount of money that can be paid to any one vendor. Any electronic transaction that occurs outside of these boundaries generates an alert so you can decide whether it is legitimate and then approve or deny the transaction. 如果你有ACH正支付设置, and if any of the items come through for payment that don’t match the notification criteria you have established, you will be provided with the item as an exception in online banking to approve or reject. 如果你选择参加ACH积极支付, 在欺诈的情况下,您不需要关闭您的帐户.

A service that helps detect check fraud by electronically matching the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company. This comprehensive service can significantly reduce your exposure to check forgery and fraud. 如果你选择加入检查积极薪酬, 在欺诈的情况下,您不需要关闭您的帐户.

了解更多有关皇冠36的库务管理服务, 联系您的客户经理或您当地的皇冠36分行.



Investing with a community bank gives you the added benefit of a friendly environment where clients are treated as individuals, 不是数字. From retirement and estate planning to college funding and small business financial planning, start by finding a local advisor and scheduling your no-obligation consultation today.


Investment advisory services offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. 皇冠365 and 皇冠365 Investment Partners are not registered broker/dealers and are independent of Raymond James Financial Services. 投资产品不是存款, 不受FDIC/NCUA保险, 没有任何政府机构的保险, 非银行担保, 受风险和可能失去价值.

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